Simon Tye

Simon has over 15 years of research and marketing related experiences and has worked on predominantly regional projects. His experience includes evaluating customer satisfaction with services and quality, consumer segmentation, brand positioning, competitive analysis of brands and products, branding, advertising tracking, distribution and channel development, new car buyer study, quality assurance Study etc.

Winnie Poon

Winnie is an all-rounded researcher with more than 15 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research. She has been leading research projects for local and overseas clients from commercial and public sectors. Her expertise covers mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, usage & attitude, branding, new product launch etc. across diverse industries including food & beverages, tourism, personal care, skincare and healthcare. She is also a seasoned moderator who is highly adept at engaging respondents and facilitating thought-provoking discussions that uncover consumer insights for formulating business strategy and solving business problems.

Alice Lau

Alice is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of solid marketing research experience with a breadth of industry experiences covering projects arising from local as well as from regional basis. She has managed a great number of large scale syndicated and customised surveys for clients from public and private sectors, including the HKSAR Government, FMCG companies, banking/finance institutions, service organisations, media owners and advertising agencies. She is well experienced in employing various research methods for conducting consumer and B2B surveys, and is strong at deriving insights and actionable recommendations.

Bee Choo Ong

Bee Choo has extensive insights into consumers’ attitudes and behaviour across many Asia Pacific countries especially Greater China, India and South East Asia. In addition to consumer insights, she has over 6 years of strategic planning and marketing experience in the fashion and retail industry, successfully translating consumer insights into business ideas and activation. In the past few years, she has worked extensively with clients in the travel, hospitality, beauty, luxury fashion/ lifestyle categories.

Raymond Sun

Raymond has over 25 years of experience in marketing research. He has extensive experience covering local and regional marketing research projects. He specializes in quantitative studies with a strong emphasis in sampling design, questionnaire design, data collection monitoring and data analysis, using standard and advanced statistical techniques. He is also a moderator for focus group discussions and an executive interviewer for in-depth interviews with C-suite level respondents.

Alice Teng

Alice has 25 years of experience in the marketing research profession. Proficient in both qualitative and quantitative research, Alice handles research projects over a wide range of industries. She is an accomplished moderator for focus group discussion and a brilliant qualitative research analyst. In regard to quantitative projects, she is adept at managing the whole process from research design to data analysis and provision of recommendations for business decision making.

Denis Chan

Denis has over 10 years of experience in the marketing research industry. He has been leading qualitative and quantitative research projects for Government Bureau, public organizations and multi-national commercial companies in various industries. He has extensive experience on the design and management of mystery shopping programs for the clients in catering, retail and service sectors. He is also a moderator of qualitative research, including focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with professionals.

Donna Cheung

Donna has over 10 years of research experience and is heavily involved in large scale regional projects across Asia Pacific, the United States and United Kingdom. She has established her research foundation working on banking, finance, payment solutions and automotive research. Her expertise covers customer satisfaction, usage and attitude, mystery shopping, branding and communication, advertising tracking, concept evaluation, con-joint analysis, customer experience and segmentation etc.