Concept Test

  • Evaluate concept ideas and obtain consumer liking, purchase intent, likelihood to use, etc.
  • Identify concepts with high likelihood of success for next stage of product development

Product Test

  • Test the actual product and identify consumers’ responses including liking and satisfaction towards the product
  • Evaluate product performance, product quality, packaging and whether product fits with brand positioning
  • Evaluate pricing scenarios
  • Identify improvement needs before launch

Brand/Ad Track

  • Evaluate the brand health through monitoring brand awareness, brand purchase, brand usage and brand image vis-à-vis competition
  • Evaluate the influence of advertising campaigns through monitoring advertising awareness and message recall
  • Assess suitability of media weight and determine effectiveness/ ROI of advertising campaign based on media weight and ad-spend

Customer Satisfaction

  • Explore the key satisfaction determinants
  • Identify the room for improvement
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of business strategies
  • Benchmark the performance against competitors
  • CSG has been conducting customer satisfaction studies for more than 100 commercial institutions, quasi-government and government sectors

Mystery Shopping

  • Monitor the service quality on an on-going basis
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Motivate shops/ branches to keep up the service quality all the time
  • Link with the incentive scheme of the corporate in order to encourage staff with outstanding performances
  • CSG conducts more than 10,000 mystery shopping visits every year covering entertainment, catering, automobile, banking, shopping malls and other retails

Opinion Poll

  • Gauge public opinions on various social, economic and community issues as well as public policies on a regular basis
  • Assess public acceptance of existing policies
  • Provide reference to help Government bodies/ corporates to identify areas of improvement and make better decisions