Concept Evaluation

  • Explore consumers’ usage of and attitudes towards the products and understand their needs
  • Uncover the likes and dislikes and other benefits and drawbacks of the concept
  • Identify the usage likelihood and understand what is driving their decision
  • Understand what added benefits can make the products more appealing
  • Assess how the products can compete with similar competition

Website Testing

  • Evaluate the information architecture of website in terms of categorization and structure via card sorting technique
  • Evaluate the contents of the website in terms of clarity, coverage, appropriateness, presentation style/ format etc.
  • Evaluate the navigation of the website via hands-on browsing experience, information searching exercise etc.
  • Obtain reactions towards pre-designed new contents
  • Evaluate the design of website in terms of layout, colour, font, style etc.

Consumer Behaviour

  • Understand consumers’ purchase behaviour: brand perception, brand consideration and brand choice
  • Identify the underlying factors affecting consumer decision making process and the key purchase determinants
  • Find out the consumers’ usage behaviour: brand usage, brand switching and brand retention
  • Realize the brand elements or benefits most concerned by consumer for future product development
  • Identify the competitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as the positioning of your own brand(s) and product(s) for improvement

Market Exploration

  • Explore consumers’ understanding, usage behaviours, and attitudes in selected markets
  • Understand the latest consumer needs towards products and services in those markets
  • Identify new ideas and solutions for future innovation and development
  • Evaluate market competition and strengths and weaknesses of key competitors
  • Assess market opportunities