Our Offers

We worked with key global and regional technology brands in their market penetration and growth strategies, especially in the FinTech segment. We provide the critical insights necessary to build their strategy and drive improvements in services and revenue growth.  In the fast pace world of technology, we partner with our clients to keep their finger on consumers’ pulse, enabling them to adapt and thrive.

We work across the full spectrum of challenges faced by our clients to drive sustainable growth.

Our Experience

Partnership with an online payment provider in their overall market growth strategic plan.  A comprehensive scope from market penetration to marketing communication was included in the study.  It provided a 360 viewpoint towards their growth potential in emerging Asian markets.

We work with online hospitality website to customise their services for the new Asian markets and increase their market entry success rate.

We work with a Fintech company in assessing their marketing approach and delivering insights into their 3-year strategic marketing plan.