Our Offers

CSG is strong in carrying out exit surveys at various control points to obtain travel-related information and opinions from tourists who visited Hong Kong.  Besides, we can also help tourism-related clients (such as airlines, hotel accommodations and travel websites) explore business opportunities and product/ service enhancement through customer satisfaction survey, usage and attitude study, branding research and mystery shopper programs.

Our Experience

Throughout the past two decades, CSG conducted many tourism-related surveys, including exit survey with departing tourists on various topics (e.g. travelling patterns of mainland visitors), on-site evaluation of mega events, and opinion survey (e.g. views towards tour guides in Hong Kong).  We also worked on a tracking survey on visitors of a theme park and a customer satisfaction survey for a cruise operator in recent years.

We also carried out customer satisfaction surveys for various hotel groups, as well as focus group studies for an airline to understand critical factors for airline selection recently.