Leveraging INTAGE’s wide range of research solutions and also partnering with other companies in the WIN/GIA network, CSG is proud to bring you the latest research solutions that address your business needs. Currently we have CrowdScreen, MROC Survey and SpeedBoard, and stay tuned for more to come in the near future.

INTAGE Solutions

  • MyReco is an interactive survey (diary style) conducted via smartphone, for consumers to record their moments which clients want to learn the most about.
  • With MyReco survey, consumers access a dedicated survey link to share their moments and views.
  • MyReco can be used to record consumers’ information exposure, purchase behaviour and usage behaviors when and where it happens.
  • With MyReco, you can obtain consumer responses spontaneously which cannot be fully captured based on consumer recall.
  • MROC (Marketing Research via Online on target Community) is a CSG digital research tool which helps to study your target respondents via online platform using mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.
  • Both qualitative and quantitative research can run in parallel with the same target respondents in multiple cities over a period of up to one month’s time.
  • The key benefit to clients is the ability to catch real life scenes and observations of actions by target respondents which can be shown via audio and video materials.
Brand Relationship
  • Brand Relationship is a tool that measures how strongly consumers are connected with a brand.
  • With this tool, consumers can be classified by 4 segments: Rejecters, Neutrals, Likers, and Bonds based on their Brand Relationship and Attitudinal Scores.
  • Our model shows when consumers become BONDS of a brand, they are much more likely to make repeat purchase as well as recommend the brand to others.
  • With Brand Relationship, we can help you enhance your brand performance to drive higher level of repeat purchase and brand recommendation versus your competitors.

Other Solutions

CrowdScreen  Colmar Brunton
  • CrowdScreen is a concept screening tool that is fast, accurate and cost effective.
  • Collaborating with Colmar Brunton, via WIN/GIA network, CSG is bringing their extensive experience in concept testing to our clients.
  • The screening tool is automated and supported by years of development and a large global concept database.
  • SpeedBoard is a solution offered by CSG where the client can obtain findings or summary results of a survey almost immediately once the primary data are obtained.
  • Data collection is by means of tablets. Once data collection is over and synced to our server, automatic calculation will be done on our side and the results will be sent to the client’s computer right away.