Call Centre

  • The CSG Call Centre has been furnished with a network of sixty (60) telephone booths dedicated for telephone surveys. All these telephone booths are well-equipped with the CATI facilities.
  • The CSG CATI system is an in-house investment that provides flexibility and capability to customize client-specific requirements.

Street Intercept

  • Street intercept interviews are usually recommended when we want to meet certain quotas.
  • The advantage of the street intercept interview is that the targets are highly visible and thus less wastage is expected as compared to telephone interviews.
  • Another benefit is that we can show visual aids to the respondents and help them comprehend and understand the questions pertaining to the survey.

Online Reporting

  • We have established a platform where, with proper programming, we can report the survey findings right after clicking the “hot button” which shows that data collection is over.
  • The benefit to the client is that they can obtain first hand data in a reasonably fast manner anywhere in the world and make the relevant actions and decisions right away.

Tablet Interviewing

  • An in-house iCAPI tablet system has been developed since 2012, which has been utilized for conducting more than 300,000 interviews.
  • The iCAPI tablet system is Android-based, applicable for any kind of Android phones and tablets.
  • iCAPI is an offline system with surveyed data being stored in the device until a safe wireless connection is provided.
  • Simultaneous recording is provided.
  • An internal online platform is used to monitor the fieldwork progress including quota checking.

Online Survey

  • An in-house online survey system has been developed since 2007, more than 250,000 interviews were conducted.
  • The survey system supports most popular browsers and languages.
  • An internal online platform is used to monitor the fieldwork progress.
  • Built-in frequency count for simultaneous report purpose is available.